Every year World adds 51 billion tons of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. These greenhouse gases trap the heat & are making the earth's average temperature rise.

Warmer earth is enhancing the number of natural disasters happening all around the world. Days are getting hotter, frequent droughts, floods, hurricanes are…

What’s the cause & what’s the effect in this equation?

People in low-income countries are poor because they don’t have access to a reliable source of electricity. Or there isn’t any electricity because people are poor?

I’ll say both things go together. To build an economy you need a massive amount of electricty for factories, offices, call centers, industries to create jobs & goods, services.

When poor people get extra 11 hours in a day. They get extra hours to do their chores, to learn to create value for the economy. The more they earn, the more they use electricity.

The richer you get the more energy you consume!

The WHY?

I believe Marketing isn’t about manipulating people in order to sell them something. For me, Marketing is all about spreading great ideas. Ideas that are worth spreading, Ideas that promise to make the world a better place, Ideas that are important, Ideas that push Human Race forward. So How do…

Siddhant Maksare

I believe in Spreading great ideas, Ideas that push Human Race forward.

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